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    Multinational Bootcamp

    6-week intensive boot camp for professionals who want to accelerate to the next level.
    • What to expect at a multinational
    • The processes and people
    • Preparation 101 for the assessments
    • Assessment Day Simulations: Mock interviews, Scenario-Based Questions, Presentations, Case Studies,
    • Salary negotiation science and waterfall
    • Getting you on the Radar
    • Operating with a Multinational Mindset from Day 1.
    • This boot camp comes with all the lessons from the Ultimate Job Preparation Bundle
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    What you will learn:
    • The right template and format
    • How to pass the 6-second test
    • How to create a strong personal bio
    • How to position yourself as an achiever
    • Keyword optimization to beat company software
    • How to tailor your CV to every vacancy all by yourself within minutes
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    What you will learn:

    • How to use LinkedIn
    • Keyword and Profile Optimization
    • Getting reference and endorsement
    • How to reach out to recruiters
    • How to gain visibility
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    What you will learn:
    • The winning interview checklist
    • What to do/read before the interview
    • Common interview questions and the best ways to answer them
    • How to answer performance, values and behavioural questions
    • How to prepare for "out-of-the-box" questions
    • The difference between a good and a great interview
    • How to prepare for five key questions to ask that will showcase your suitability
    • What to do after the interview