How to bag Consulting gigs on LinkedIn and earn hundreds of dollars per hour

Exclusive workshop for career professionals seeking to earn in Dollars via Consulting Gigs on LinkedIn!


Did you know you can get thousands of dollars richer JUST by sharing your industry knowledge within a few hours?

YES! You can.

Every single day, hundreds of companies are birthed globally in sectors like IT, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Tech, Travel, Banking and so much more. In many of these companies, there is the desire to expand their footprint into other markets like Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. As part of their expansion activities, they need to do on-the-ground research with experts in that particular market.

What this results in – The expanding company seeks out agencies to connect them with the market and industry experts in the region. For instance, An Australian chocolate-producing company seeks to enter the Nigerian market but they have no idea what works in Nigeria. What they’ll then do is, reach out to an agency letting them know they need a particular number of category experts in Nigeria that can share tips on how their company can launch successfully in Nigeria.

Now, that’s where you come in!

These agencies then reach out to you, an industry expert, and offer you a consulting gig with this foreign company.

Exciting right?

Basically, this workshop will be introducing you to the consulting industry where you can become a market expert that companies can reach out to, and of course, earn hundreds of dollars per hour!

Here’s what you’ll also be learning:
– How to optimize your profile to attract consulting opportunities.
– The hidden back-end reality.
– How to set/negotiate your hourly rate to prevent low-balling.
– How to prepare for the consultation sessions.
– How to maximise the sessions so you earn more and deliver impeccable value for your clients.
Plus my Secret Tip to get more!

This session is strictly limited to Mid to Senior level professionals (above 7 years’ experience) that have worked in more than one company or industry.

Host: Fiyin Toyo
Venue: Virtual

Only 10 slots are available!


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